Oculus Reveals Its Consumer Rift VR Headset

Lots of people are angry about the Oculus Rift’s $599 price tag. It’s hundreds of dollars more than an actual gaming console, and twice as much as the original development kit. It also requires a powerful computer to run — maybe $1,000 if you build it yourself. It’s a gamer’s device.

Call to mind a realistic computer-animated movie and most people will imagine an absurd degree of verisimilitude: for instance, the flowing, wild locks of the main character in Disney’s Brave, where every strand of red hair seems distinct. By this standard, Toybox doesn’t even rate. The firecrackers Luckey conjured looked geometric; the table was not wood or metal or glass—it was simply gray. And yet there was something about seeing even this crude animation all around me, no matter where I looked, that made it feel more real than any animation I’d ever seen.

I forgot, in a matter of seconds, that Luckey and I were standing in separate soundproofed rooms in Oculus’s new headquarters on the Facebook campus. I forgot that the Luckey I saw was but a computer-generated avatar, not the man himself, who was lining up M-80 firecrackers and instructing me to pick up the cigarette lighter on the table. oculus Now light as many as fast as you can,” he said, laughing maniacally. It was fake, and yet as the fuses burned down and the explosions started, I actually did flinch. V.R. enthusiasts call this sensation presence,” and it is a kind of realism that wasn’t really possible until Luckey started putting the Rift together, six years ago.360 degree video camera oculus rift

In April 2012, at the age of 19, he announced that he’d finished his first V.R. device and that he planned to offer it as a do-it-yourself kit on Kickstarter, so that anyone could make his or her own rudimentary system. I won’t make a penny of profit off this project,” he wrote. The goal is to pay for the costs of parts, manufacturing, shipping, and credit card/Kickstarter fees with about $10 left over for a celebratory pizza and beer.” He planned to call the device Oculus (Latin for eye, a supercool word”) Rift (a reference to the way that virtual reality creates a rift between the real world and the virtual world”).

Luckey and Iribe had initially planned on asking backers for a total of $500,000 to complete the prototype, but at the last minute Luckey got spooked and cut the goal in half. Multi-million-dollar enter our Oculus Reift giveaway Kickstarter projects were a rarity at the time, and Luckey worried that if the campaign failed to attract sufficient support that would be it for his idea.oculus rift 360 degree video


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The Touch controllers work very well, which is why it’s surprising that Oculus has postponed their release until Q3 2016. The units I tried here felt and performed like final products, and worked flawlessly in tandem with the Rift. However, if more time will let Oculus eliminate any issues I might have missed in my short demo, it’s a worthwhile wait. As it is, the Touch controllers impressed me as the most comfortable VR control system I’ve tried yet. It’s gamepad-like design with conventional analog sticks, face buttons, and triggers fit well with the extensive motion-tracking of the hardware, producing a really immersive and functional control scheme.

The consumer version of the Oculus Rift faces a notable price hurdle the earlier versions lacked. The final Rift is available to preorder for $599, almost twice as much as either of the development kits. This is more powerful and polished hardware, but that price jump puts the Rift up there with the PlayStation VR as a sizable investment, even without the Touch controllers, whose price has not been announced.

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The oculus rift vr headset has been one of the most intriguing projects as time has gone on, and with E3 just passing for the company, they revealed some major news surrounding consumer production for the platform.

The Rift’s lead in active VR game development might also merely be an outgrowth of developers’ generally larger familiarity with Oculus’ headset. A full 77 percent of developers in the survey said they had tried the Oculus Rift, compared to just 46 percent for Google Cardboard, 31 percent for GearVR, 21 percent for PlayStation VR, and 19 percent for the HTC Vive. As developers become more aware of the Rift’s competition, those platforms may begin to see more developers actively working on them.360 degree video camera oculus rift

Zuckerberg was in the Menlo Park Facebook headquarters, in the office of C… Sheryl Sandberg, with his deputies, chief product officer Chris Cox and chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer. They’d picked Sandberg’s office because it had blinds, unlike the glass rectangle where Zuckerberg works. Zuckerberg’s fishbowl office makes sense for a man who has dedicated his career to helping people share aspects of their lives, but the sight of the Facebook C.E.. with a screen on his face was at that point best kept a secret.

And now here it was: the Oculus Rift, which Facebook will begin shipping to customers early next year. It isn’t the first virtual-reality (V.R.) headset to hit the market, but at around $1,500 for the device and the computer you need to run it, it will be the first that is both sophisticated and relatively inexpensive. (Oculus helped create a much cruder $200 face mask to be used with Samsung cell phones.) It’s also the first headset that doesn’t give users motion sickness.

Tull is also a proud investor in Oculus and believes that the impact of virtual reality, no matter who wins, will be much more significant than past breakthroughs such as HDTV and 3-D movies. Once you see virtual reality done well,” he says, you take off the headset and say, ‘There’s really a chance here to do something completely different.’ ” Will consumers, who just a year ago failed to embrace Google Glass, buy these new face-mounted displays? Hollywood and Silicon Valley seem to think it isn’t even a question anymore. The race is on.

The prototype he was showing me was called Toybox, the name being a nod to the slingshots and firecrackers and maybe also to the fact that virtual reality itself, despite the hype and the billions of dollars at stake, is still in a juvenile state. The goal is to have two people in different locales feel—really feel—like they’re in the same place together,” said Luckey. How does it work? A sensor is trained on each player, who wears a headset with a microphone, and two handheld controllers to sense the arm movements. All of this is transmitted as a ghostly blue avatar into the other player’s headset.


‘Battlefield 4’ And ‘Mass Effect 4’ Publisher Comments On Oculus Rift

This doesn’t really tell us how much demand there is for the Rift at present – Oculus has not revealed the number of units that have been sold on pre-order, perhaps wisely. Although the Rift was one of the most successful Kickstarter projects projects at rift the time, the crowdfunding effort only sold around 7,500 headsets – pretty impressive for a no-name company with a new product category to boot, but if Apple or Samsung were to report similar numbers, we’d probably be calling the product a disaster.

What we’ve always said is that VR is going to start small and grow over time. We’ve reiterated that ever since the beginning of this thing. We don’t expect to sell 100 million units day one. As a hardware category, a new product category, with a tough GPU requirement, it’s going to scale slowly. But, we’re excited about the long-term potential and the experiences you’ll be able to have.oculus rift 360 degree video

Mitchell: We haven’t really had a store until we launched Gear VR. Gear VR has hundreds of titles today, all available to everyone. On Rift, you’ll see a similar thing. We’ll have a place where you can drop in and buy all sorts of made-for-VR games and experiences. The Rift will continue to double as a development kit. If you want to open Unity or Unreal, you’ll be able to have that on the Rift and eventually publish that on the store if it’s of a caliber that you can sell to consumers.

And the price is misleading, because many users will need to buy a new computer to work with the headset. The Rift is a powerful piece of hardware — it’s not something that just can be plugged into a Mac laptop and run. Essentially, if a computer can’t handle the massive loads of information creating a virtual environment quickly, it can either shut down or, worse, show everything at a slower frame-rate, which is what’s most likely to cause nausea when using a headset.

If you don’t have a serious PC ( here’s what Oculus considers to be a serious PC) but want to run virtual reality, you’ll have to buy one, and that’s probably going to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $1,000. That is the reason why oculus many people are predicting that VR, at least for the next year or two, is going to be limited to gamers and early adopters and not everyone else; they’re the ones that don’t need to buy a whole new computer to use the technology.


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Battlefield 4 ” is also coming to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in addition to the PS4 and Xbox 720. The development kits for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset have only been made for the Android and aforementioned PC platforms so far. Electronic Arts will be releasing Battlefield 4” later this fall.

The Rift comes with a camera for positional tracking (how it knows where you’re looking and where your head is), two games ( EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale ), an Oculus Remote, and an Xbox One controller. That doesn’t include the very cool Oculus Touch controllers that debuted last year, but a preorder now does put you at the front of the line to order one when they are available later this year.360 degree video oculus

If you contributed to the original Kickstarter, you’re already getting a special-edition Rift for free. If you weren’t so lucky, the answer is a little more complicated. Oculus is the biggest player in the game right now, the Rift is really, really good, and it has a wide range of exclusive games and experiences on the way. It also begins shipping to 20 countries on March 28th (although if you order now the delivery date has already been moved to April), far before the competition. So, if you’re dying to get into VR right now, it’s the quickest way to do so and almost certainly going to be a good experience.

That said, no one knows how much the Sony VR or HTC Vive are going to cost. They are likely to cost close to the same as the Oculus — it’s going to be a hard sell to consumers that one virtual reality headset is worth much more than the others. However, the Sony will run exclusively on the Playstation 4, which costs just $349 if ordered enter to win an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset today, and can be used for a traditional TV experience as well as VR. The HTC Vive faces similar constraints as the Rift in terms of necessary computing power, but features full room tracking, which basically means you can walk around a virtual environment. It’s cool, and it’s something this generation of Rift won’t have.

It took us several hours before we were able to get the DK2 up and running. We have a MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina, but the DK2 software still isn’t compatible with OSX (that may change soon though). We had to install Windows 8.1 through Boot Camp and that in itself was a huge task. Then, we had to install the DK2 Windows software and adjust our displays, which was incredibly tedious. But once we were able to get everything working, the experience was, for the most part, very enjoyable.oculus rift 360 degree video

The second app we tried was Ocean Rift and the experience here was far more realistic. We actually felt like we were in the deep water viewing ocean creatures. The app even simulates the sound of hearing yourself breath while snorkeling. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a gaming joystick and had to use keyboard buttons instead, which made the experience a little less realistic.


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Luckey, in an interview with TechRadar , said console hardware doesn’t keep up with the rate of innovation and Oculus Rift giveaway technological progress because new iterations of the machines only come out every half-decade or longer.360 degree video oculus

In our Oculus demos, meanwhile, we could choose from around 20 demos to play – half using the wireless Xbox One gamepad that ships in the box, and half using the Oculus Touch controllers that will ship later this year. Some are better than others, and not all are Rift exclusives, but when we play Oculus games, we see at least five or six that have the potential to be generation-defining experiences (two of them, Lucky’s Tale and Eve: Valkyrie are bundled with the Rift). We just haven’t seen that on the other two platforms. At least not yet.

Much stink was made this week of the Oculus Rift’s US$599 price, and it is on the higher range of what we were expecting (we predicted something in the $500-600 price range). Hey, we get it, it ain’t cheap at all. Especially when you factor in the cost of the PC you’ll need to power it, which will set you back roughly another $900-$1,000 (Oculus’ partners will also be offering Rift/PC bundles in the $1,500 range).

As of today on Oculus Home, you can also watch Twitch, rent movies from 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate Films, and stream videos on Vimeo, or Hulu. If you think watching any sort of 2D video content on the Gear VR is gimmicky, I can personally tell you that I’d rather watch Netflix on a Gear VR than on my TV: once you launch Netflix, the lights in the virtual theatre dim as the large screen melts into the background. Never again will you have to worry about the suns glare or light peeking in from the outside window. I can see people buying the Samsung Gear VR just for the movie viewing experience, especially those who travel.

Epic Game’s new sci-fi shooter game, Bullet Train, is the closest we’ve ever come to feeling like Neo from the Matrix. You can teleport to locations, slow down time, catch bullets mid-air and physically shoot two guns with your hands at the same time. With every pull of the trigger, the controller vibrates, causing the virtual world to collide with the real. This game is the future of what interactive VR gaming will become.


Oculus Rift Vs. Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality (VR) devices have failed miserably to catch on in the past due to limitations in computing and graphical power, which meant the products did not fully immerse their wearers in the fantasy world. The new headsets that will go on sale will take full advantage of gains in computing power and the backing of several high-profile companies to produce far more convincing experiences.

But since then, the Rift has been joined by even cheaper and more accessible headsets that run on something even more ubiquitous than computers: smartphones. 360-degree video experiments live on Google Cardboard. Puzzle games flourish on the Gear VR. As mobile headsets have flourished, the Rift has slowly turned into a testing ground for high-end experiences, pushing the technological envelope with motion trackers and hyper-realistic graphics. It’s the symbol of aspirational VR, not VR for everyone. Many of its original fans, unless they ordered a development kit during the Kickstarter campaign, won’t be able to participate in its launch.360 degree video camera oculus rift

The world needs people that push the technological envelope, because yesterday’s extravagant luxuries are often today’s everyday tech. Oculus hasn’t left a gap in the market, just opened a new one. You can experience VR that’s better than the original Rift for hundreds of dollars less. Mass-market VR isn’t dead. But this is a final reminder that the enter our Oculus Reift giveaway — the thing that brought virtual reality to the whole world — is now for only a few of us.360 degree video oculus

Today, high quality and top resolution devices are being created and coming to the general public very soon. Of them is Oculus Rift – a head mounted display that lets you play games in virtual reality mode. The consumer version is expected to be release sometime in 2015. The company is truly worth billions, exactly $2 billion was the price Facebook paid to acquire Oculus VR in 2014. The device will be much cheaper than it was back in 1980s, when a similar device cost as high as $100.000.

enter our Oculus Reift giveaway may be a gaming device now, but it can actually be used in many different ways. Areas, such as military training, remote classrooms or pilot simulators are all very welcoming of VR. Surgeons use the technology to practice difficult operations. There are even greater plans, like controlling robots in space. Either way, there is a huge potential for this kind of technology. We will see increase in interest towards it.