This blog was developed to inform its readers about all of the latest and greatest news about virtual reality.  Virtual reality has made some major innovations over the past 20 years.  From what used to be expensive headsets and crappy controllers that you could use in specialty arcades to play games like Doom for about 10 minutes at a cost of almost $20.00, has really been revolutionized, mainly by one company.

Oculus VR is the group behind both the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch.  These devices have been built for the home user in mind and are launching this year.  Using both the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch, users will be able to fully enter a game and visualize their own hands and truly be able to interact in a virtual world.

This site will provide news pertaining mostly to the Oculus VR companies releases, however we do plan to cover topics related to other VR technologies as well.  We will discuss both 3rd party products that will interact with the Oculus Rift as well as competitor products in the VR space.

We also want to let our readers know of any great opportunities to get VR technology at a discount or even for free.  Right now we do know of an Occulus Rift giveaway contest that is free to join and open to everyone.


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