Do I Buy A Console Or The Oculus Rift?

Oculus VR has done an amazing job in the realm of virtual reality. We’re eager to see how the headset evolves over the coming years. For us, we’re always cognizant of immersive technologies and new opportunities. enter our Oculus Reift giveaway And with every new technology, it’s important for us to be sure that there will be an attractive install base before investing heavily. But Oculus VR is certainly making strong progress.

The straps around the side have been altered too with a refined design of the sort of harness wrapping round and over your head. It still looks dorky and yes, it’s still wired, but it feels much more natural and we moved our head around more as a result. The new 360-degree tracking was fluid and fast – not to say that it was awful before, just that the consumer edition does it better.oculus rift 360 degree video

Gripping virtual objects can be tricky at first but after a few tries, we figured it out – it’s especially odd as you are already gripping the controller. In Oculus’ Toybox demo we used the Touch controllers to pick up and throw blocks, light Roman Candles, play keepy-uppy with a table tennis paddle and even picked up a catapult with one hand and pulled back the elastic band with the other.

Mitchell: Absolutely. We’re launching March 28. Around that same time frame, the Kickstarter backer units we’re giving away to the Development Kit 1 backers. Then, we’re going to produce as many units as fast as we can. Already, to be honest, we’ve met or exceeded demand up until the end of April or May. If you go to the website now, your ship date is estimated there.

Over time, as the industry scales … this is an entirely new product category. Often, the high end in a new product category is going to be expensive. That price will come down over time as this thing gets to more people. Obviously, there’s competition. That will help too. This is the beginning of all that. We’re proud of the product that you get for $599.360 degree video oculus


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