‘Battlefield 4’ And ‘Mass Effect 4’ Publisher Comments On Oculus Rift

This doesn’t really tell us how much demand there is for the Rift at present – Oculus has not revealed the number of units that have been sold on pre-order, perhaps wisely. Although the Rift was one of the most successful Kickstarter projects projects at rift the time, the crowdfunding effort only sold around 7,500 headsets – pretty impressive for a no-name company with a new product category to boot, but if Apple or Samsung were to report similar numbers, we’d probably be calling the product a disaster.

What we’ve always said is that VR is going to start small and grow over time. We’ve reiterated that ever since the beginning of this thing. We don’t expect to sell 100 million units day one. As a hardware category, a new product category, with a tough GPU requirement, it’s going to scale slowly. But, we’re excited about the long-term potential and the experiences you’ll be able to have.oculus rift 360 degree video

Mitchell: We haven’t really had a store until we launched Gear VR. Gear VR has hundreds of titles today, all available to everyone. On Rift, you’ll see a similar thing. We’ll have a place where you can drop in and buy all sorts of made-for-VR games and experiences. The Rift will continue to double as a development kit. If you want to open Unity or Unreal, you’ll be able to have that on the Rift and eventually publish that on the store if it’s of a caliber that you can sell to consumers.

And the price is misleading, because many users will need to buy a new computer to work with the headset. The Rift is a powerful piece of hardware — it’s not something that just can be plugged into a Mac laptop and run. Essentially, if a computer can’t handle the massive loads of information creating a virtual environment quickly, it can either shut down or, worse, show everything at a slower frame-rate, which is what’s most likely to cause nausea when using a headset.

If you don’t have a serious PC ( here’s what Oculus considers to be a serious PC) but want to run virtual reality, you’ll have to buy one, and that’s probably going to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $1,000. That is the reason why oculus many people are predicting that VR, at least for the next year or two, is going to be limited to gamers and early adopters and not everyone else; they’re the ones that don’t need to buy a whole new computer to use the technology.


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