Step Into The Game By Oculus — Kickstarter

Battlefield 4 ” is also coming to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in addition to the PS4 and Xbox 720. The development kits for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset have only been made for the Android and aforementioned PC platforms so far. Electronic Arts will be releasing Battlefield 4” later this fall.

The Rift comes with a camera for positional tracking (how it knows where you’re looking and where your head is), two games ( EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale ), an Oculus Remote, and an Xbox One controller. That doesn’t include the very cool Oculus Touch controllers that debuted last year, but a preorder now does put you at the front of the line to order one when they are available later this year.360 degree video oculus

If you contributed to the original Kickstarter, you’re already getting a special-edition Rift for free. If you weren’t so lucky, the answer is a little more complicated. Oculus is the biggest player in the game right now, the Rift is really, really good, and it has a wide range of exclusive games and experiences on the way. It also begins shipping to 20 countries on March 28th (although if you order now the delivery date has already been moved to April), far before the competition. So, if you’re dying to get into VR right now, it’s the quickest way to do so and almost certainly going to be a good experience.

That said, no one knows how much the Sony VR or HTC Vive are going to cost. They are likely to cost close to the same as the Oculus — it’s going to be a hard sell to consumers that one virtual reality headset is worth much more than the others. However, the Sony will run exclusively on the Playstation 4, which costs just $349 if ordered enter to win an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset today, and can be used for a traditional TV experience as well as VR. The HTC Vive faces similar constraints as the Rift in terms of necessary computing power, but features full room tracking, which basically means you can walk around a virtual environment. It’s cool, and it’s something this generation of Rift won’t have.

It took us several hours before we were able to get the DK2 up and running. We have a MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina, but the DK2 software still isn’t compatible with OSX (that may change soon though). We had to install Windows 8.1 through Boot Camp and that in itself was a huge task. Then, we had to install the DK2 Windows software and adjust our displays, which was incredibly tedious. But once we were able to get everything working, the experience was, for the most part, very enjoyable.oculus rift 360 degree video

The second app we tried was Ocean Rift and the experience here was far more realistic. We actually felt like we were in the deep water viewing ocean creatures. The app even simulates the sound of hearing yourself breath while snorkeling. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a gaming joystick and had to use keyboard buttons instead, which made the experience a little less realistic.


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