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Luckey, in an interview with TechRadar , said console hardware doesn’t keep up with the rate of innovation and Oculus Rift giveaway technological progress because new iterations of the machines only come out every half-decade or longer.360 degree video oculus

In our Oculus demos, meanwhile, we could choose from around 20 demos to play – half using the wireless Xbox One gamepad that ships in the box, and half using the Oculus Touch controllers that will ship later this year. Some are better than others, and not all are Rift exclusives, but when we play Oculus games, we see at least five or six that have the potential to be generation-defining experiences (two of them, Lucky’s Tale and Eve: Valkyrie are bundled with the Rift). We just haven’t seen that on the other two platforms. At least not yet.

Much stink was made this week of the Oculus Rift’s US$599 price, and it is on the higher range of what we were expecting (we predicted something in the $500-600 price range). Hey, we get it, it ain’t cheap at all. Especially when you factor in the cost of the PC you’ll need to power it, which will set you back roughly another $900-$1,000 (Oculus’ partners will also be offering Rift/PC bundles in the $1,500 range).

As of today on Oculus Home, you can also watch Twitch, rent movies from 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate Films, and stream videos on Vimeo, or Hulu. If you think watching any sort of 2D video content on the Gear VR is gimmicky, I can personally tell you that I’d rather watch Netflix on a Gear VR than on my TV: once you launch Netflix, the lights in the virtual theatre dim as the large screen melts into the background. Never again will you have to worry about the suns glare or light peeking in from the outside window. I can see people buying the Samsung Gear VR just for the movie viewing experience, especially those who travel.

Epic Game’s new sci-fi shooter game, Bullet Train, is the closest we’ve ever come to feeling like Neo from the Matrix. You can teleport to locations, slow down time, catch bullets mid-air and physically shoot two guns with your hands at the same time. With every pull of the trigger, the controller vibrates, causing the virtual world to collide with the real. This game is the future of what interactive VR gaming will become.


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