Oculus Rift Vs. Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality (VR) devices have failed miserably to catch on in the past due to limitations in computing and graphical power, which meant the products did not fully immerse their wearers in the fantasy world. The new headsets that will go on sale will take full advantage of gains in computing power and the backing of several high-profile companies to produce far more convincing experiences.

But since then, the Rift has been joined by even cheaper and more accessible headsets that run on something even more ubiquitous than computers: smartphones. 360-degree video experiments live on Google Cardboard. Puzzle games flourish on the Gear VR. As mobile headsets have flourished, the Rift has slowly turned into a testing ground for high-end experiences, pushing the technological envelope with motion trackers and hyper-realistic graphics. It’s the symbol of aspirational VR, not VR for everyone. Many of its original fans, unless they ordered a development kit during the Kickstarter campaign, won’t be able to participate in its launch.360 degree video camera oculus rift

The world needs people that push the technological envelope, because yesterday’s extravagant luxuries are often today’s everyday tech. Oculus hasn’t left a gap in the market, just opened a new one. You can experience VR that’s better than the original Rift for hundreds of dollars less. Mass-market VR isn’t dead. But this is a final reminder that the enter our Oculus Reift giveaway — the thing that brought virtual reality to the whole world — is now for only a few of us.360 degree video oculus

Today, high quality and top resolution devices are being created and coming to the general public very soon. Of them is Oculus Rift – a head mounted display that lets you play games in virtual reality mode. The consumer version is expected to be release sometime in 2015. The company is truly worth billions, exactly $2 billion was the price Facebook paid to acquire Oculus VR in 2014. The device will be much cheaper than it was back in 1980s, when a similar device cost as high as $100.000.

enter our Oculus Reift giveaway may be a gaming device now, but it can actually be used in many different ways. Areas, such as military training, remote classrooms or pilot simulators are all very welcoming of VR. Surgeons use the technology to practice difficult operations. There are even greater plans, like controlling robots in space. Either way, there is a huge potential for this kind of technology. We will see increase in interest towards it.


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