What Should You Buy?

Oculus Rift isn’t ready yet. But we know that the final consumer version will arrive in early 2016 and we have joined the lucky few who have got to try out some actual gameplay on the latest Rift headset.oculus rift 360 degree video

One more thing: Oculus founder Palmer Luckey introduced a brand new controller for use with the Rift simply called Oculus Rift giveaway It promises hand presence, manipulation, low mental load, communicative gestures, traditional inputs and a lightweight feel. You’ll get two of them, one for each hand. They each have a sort of half-moon shape, an analog joystick and a palm touch button of sorts. While the Xbox One controller is great for today’s games, Oculus Touch is something we’ll be using for more advanced VR experiences over the coming years.

Comment: Gently used. Comes with 2 set of lenses + (A + B) for the second set (A + B cup). No returns accepted on this item. Power supply & cables included. This is the DK2 (second edition developers kit). Ready to ship! Overnight shipping available. Item will be shipped with 2-6 day shipping w/ Saturday delivery; if you contact us before purchase we will upgrade to overnight shipping for FREE!

Whatever ! Hey..ya know they can ask whatever they want for these. There is no reason they can’t. But the big thing is people paying what there asking are not doing there research and will get taken. Free market here and I have no problem with whatever price they want to put on things. I do my research and will get the best price on the web for what I want. Good luck all.360 degree video oculus

Palmer Luckey’s original Rift prototype didn’t just succeed because of a technological breakthrough — it was built around concepts that had been around for decades. It succeeded because it was cheap. Luckey was working at a time when smartphones were making motion sensors and small free Oculus Rift LCD panels easy to find, and computing had advanced enough that what took a supercomputer in the ’90s could be run on a laptop. $300 isn’t pocket change, but compared to the high-end headsets of the ’90s (combined with the cost of a computer that ran them) it was a huge shift.


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