Which is the most popular VR device with developers?

Which VR Unit Will Dominate?2016 is poised to be a huge year for virtual reality, with the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive all about to come out in the coming months. Now, a brand-new report from the Video Game Developers Conference has actually indicated that the Oculus Rift is the most popular amongst the three with developers who reacted to the survey.

19 percent of respondents in the “State of the Market” study said they are currently creating a game for Oculus Rift. The next closest was Samsung’s Gear VR, which 7 percent of those surveyed stated they were working on. Google Cardboard, PlayStation VR, and HoloLens all can be found in below that.

When looking at what VR/AR platforms their next game would pertain to, the Oculus Rift was still the leader, picked by 20 percent of surveyed developers. It was followed by “Uncertain” at 12 percent, while 9 percent of people stated their next VR/AR game would concern PlayStation VR. HTC Vive was selected by 8 percent.

Just due to the fact that a developer is making a game for a particular platform does not always mean that is the system they are most thinking about. Another question asked which VR/AR platforms interest them the most presently. The Oculus Rift came out on top yet again, followed by PlayStation VR and HTC Vive with 26 percent each. HoloLens ranked at 25 percent.

The State of the Market study likewise revealed that 75 percent of participants said they felt the VR/AR market represents a long-term sustainable business. Nevertheless, forecasts about sales rates compared to traditional gaming consoles were more contested.

Asked when they think VR/AR gadgets would exceed the sales varieties of video game consoles in 2015, 27 percent of participants said they think that will never ever occur.

“Simply 1 percent of those surveyed stated they anticipated it to happen by 2018, the earliest amount of time readily available for selection,” GDC said. “44 percent of respondents anticipated it to happen by 2026, and a total of 54 percent thought it would occur by 2030.”

It is going to be a major battle between all of these VR and AR units in the years to come.  It looks like the clear winner today is the Oculus Rift.  If you want to get your hands on an Oculus Rift without the high price tag, you can enter a free Oculus Rift giveaway.  It is quick and easy to join and simple to participate in.  They even have an awesome tutorial video on the contest page which details how to qualify and win!


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