Which is the most popular VR device with developers?

Which VR Unit Will Dominate?2016 is poised to be a huge year for virtual reality, with the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive all about to come out in the coming months. Now, a brand-new report from the Video Game Developers Conference has actually indicated that the Oculus Rift is the most popular amongst the three with developers who reacted to the survey.

19 percent of respondents in the “State of the Market” study said they are currently creating a game for Oculus Rift. The next closest was Samsung’s Gear VR, which 7 percent of those surveyed stated they were working on. Google Cardboard, PlayStation VR, and HoloLens all can be found in below that.

When looking at what VR/AR platforms their next game would pertain to, the Oculus Rift was still the leader, picked by 20 percent of surveyed developers. It was followed by “Uncertain” at 12 percent, while 9 percent of people stated their next VR/AR game would concern PlayStation VR. HTC Vive was selected by 8 percent.

Just due to the fact that a developer is making a game for a particular platform does not always mean that is the system they are most thinking about. Another question asked which VR/AR platforms interest them the most presently. The Oculus Rift came out on top yet again, followed by PlayStation VR and HTC Vive with 26 percent each. HoloLens ranked at 25 percent.

The State of the Market study likewise revealed that 75 percent of participants said they felt the VR/AR market represents a long-term sustainable business. Nevertheless, forecasts about sales rates compared to traditional gaming consoles were more contested.

Asked when they think VR/AR gadgets would exceed the sales varieties of video game consoles in 2015, 27 percent of participants said they think that will never ever occur.

“Simply 1 percent of those surveyed stated they anticipated it to happen by 2018, the earliest amount of time readily available for selection,” GDC said. “44 percent of respondents anticipated it to happen by 2026, and a total of 54 percent thought it would occur by 2030.”

It is going to be a major battle between all of these VR and AR units in the years to come.  It looks like the clear winner today is the Oculus Rift.  If you want to get your hands on an Oculus Rift without the high price tag, you can enter a free Oculus Rift giveaway.  It is quick and easy to join and simple to participate in.  They even have an awesome tutorial video on the contest page which details how to qualify and win!


All You Need To Know About Virtual Reality

CES was a big event for Oculus VR, the maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The Facebook-owned company said it would begin shipping products on March 28 to original Kickstarter backers with a price set at $599. The preorders sold out, and Oculus is scrambling to make more.

No price has been set for the Oculus Rift, though it is expected to cost $350 or more which was the price of the latest Oculus Rift development kit. Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey will be holding a Reddit IAmA on Wednesday at 6 p.m. (PST) to answer any questions. The Consumer Electronics Show 2016 is being held this week, and more news on the VR headset is expected to come.

The price tags have caused consternation, with many taking to Twitter to express their dismay. But according to William McMaster, head of VR at the London-based company Visualise, the Oculus release is a pivotal moment. It is a template for what VR headsets are going to be like in the future for everybody,” he says comparing it to the release of the first Macintosh computer. And VR-based media is already hitting the mainstream: beyond fuelling a new wave of games, artists such as Björk have been quick to embrace the technology for music videos – indeed, in September Taylor Swift and her team scooped an Emmy award for their offering AMEX Unstaged: The Taylor Swift Experience.

The Oculus Rift is not the only VR experience consumers can expect to get to grips with this year: HTC is set to launch the commercial version of its headset, Vive, in April while Sony’s PlayStation VR is also scheduled for release in 2016. For those with a lower budget both Google cardboard and Gear VR, a joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Oculus, are already available, using your phone to created a virtual world. But, says, McMaster, the Oculus Rift is the top of the line, sort of Ferrari” when it comes to VR headsets. What the Oculus Rift can do as a piece of technology is something that a cheap VR headset will be able to do in a couple of years,” he says.

The oculus rift is only available from , starting for pre order on January 6th. As the VR ecosystem hits the market and matures, Alienware continues to work with Oculus to enable as many sales channels as possible and we look forward to a point in time in the future when a consumer can purchase an entire Oculus Ready solution from Dell or Alienware directly.oculus rift 360 degree video360 degree video camera oculus rift

Step 2: Use the coupon that will come to you via email and redeem it when purchasing a system on System delivery time will vary, but you can expect your PC to arrive ahead of your Oculus Rift headset – plenty of time to get it set-up and prepared for your future VR experience, although you should check you individual order status for specific delivery dates.


‘Battlefield 4′ PS4 And Xbox 720 Oculus Rift Support Discussed

Finally, after years of waiting and wondering, the vr headset is right in front of our faces, and it’ll be available soon. The Oculus Rift is set for full in just a couple months, with the first wave of the recently announced preorders being shipped on March 28. Meanwhile, Samsung has been pushing another, more affordable headset, the Gear VR, to the masses. Though these devices were contrived with two very different audiences in mind, we nonetheless thought it would be fun to compare the two in a savage battle for the Metaverse!

Of course Microsoft will have to deal with compatibility and software issues on its own end, but the company doesn’t have to build and maintain a VR headset for itself – Oculus is doing that. Handing off hardware production is a calculated risk on Microsoft’s end, considering Oculus has a solid track record of producing stellar, industry-standard VR experiences, plus it has the financial backing of Facebook. As far as trusting a VR company, Oculus is a good bet.

And then there’s the gamepad. Shipping the Rift with an Xbox One controller puts Xbox at the forefront of VR developers’ minds. Even after years of production without a consumer release, Oculus remains the highest-profile VR headset in the industry – and now it’s linked directly to the Xbox One. Microsoft suffered a blow to its gaming cred with the bungled announcement of the Xbox One in 2013, heightened by corporate backpedaling and the console’s top-of-the-market price point All the while, Sony emphasized games – indie games, AAA games, free games and discounted games.

Now, it’s time for Microsoft to change the narrative. Xbox used to be the place for new, innovative and wild games – before the current console generation, the Xbox 360’s Indie Games and Arcade sections provided marching orders for the industry. With the PS4, Sony is king , and Oculus might be Microsoft’s best chance at reclaiming that crown. Oculus’ $10 million initiative to help indie developers make games for the Rift is a great start.

Besides, there’s a sly kind of mic-drop in all of this: Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said in 2014 that Morpheus was not an open system , and just a few months later Iribe told us that he wasn’t intimidated by Sony’s push into VR In fact, he’d invited Sony to see early Rift prototypes, and Sony in turn invited him to check out Morpheus. All the while, Microsoft kept quiet, worked on HoloLens and integrated the Rift into Windows 10.

This is all well and good for Microsoft, but what does Oculus get out of this deal? Simple: The Xbox One controller. Plenty of gaming hardware companies have tried, and failed spectacularly , to create Oculus Rift contest the perfect traditional gamepad. Oculus has its own, two-hand controller system that might be great – but if it isn’t, the Xbox One gamepad is something that most players already know and love.360 degree video oculus


Oculus Rift Consumer Edition First Impressions

Good news, everyone: When you preorder Rift, you also reserve your spot oculus for Touch preorders. First in line for Rift=First in line for Touch.360 degree video camera oculus rift

It’s easy to see why: Facebook’s Oculus Rift has a ship date, Samsung Gear VR goggles are in stores, Sony has been teasing a PlayStation VR release date for the first half of 2016 and HTC Vive Pre has a rumored preorder date of Feb. 29. The gaming landscape has not changed this much since the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983. The jump to VR would make video games an immersive experience where the user controls the action.

The GDC’s 2016 State of the Industry acts as a snapshot of what’s happening with video games ahead of the conference. Questions include what platforms the developer is currently working on and plans to work on next. Other questions concern their confidence in the growth of eSports or the sustainability of VR. While there is a lot of uncertainty on the consumer side of VR, the developers creating the interactive entertainment are bullish on the new technology.

The Rift has the advantage of being the first widely available VR headset. The first development kits — given to backers who pledged more than $300 during Oculus’ Kickstarter campaign in 2012 — were shipped on March 29, 2013. The second development kit was released in 2014. Oculus also has a robust developers site providing tools and software to creators.360 degree video oculus

In terms of adoption, the large majority of developers (73 percent) believe VR will match the current install-base of game consoles, around 40 million at the time of the survey, at some point in the future. More specifically, 86 percent of developers believe it will happen by 2030. The questions regarding VR did not include potential hurdles that could limit the appeal of VR. Many people balked at the $600 price tag of the Rift when it was announced, while Sony and HTC have yet to reveal the price of their VR headsets.

We still don’t know pricing info, but you can expect the consumer Oculus Rift contest to cost more than $350 – and the PC required to power it will cost you significantly more than that. This May, Oculus revealed the recommended specs for the Rift , and it will require high-end (though not highest-end) parts like GPU and processor to maintain a consistent 90 fps while running two 1,200 x 1,080 displays (the per-eye resolution of the consumer Rift).


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Ever since 1960s, the technology of Virtual reality has been evolving. First headsets were heavy and often caused headaches. Due to their high price, most of it found use in governmental training facilities or in amusement parks, but hardly among general public. The idea, however, lived and as we managed to make components smaller and graphics better, a whole new level of visual experiences suddenly became available.

Andreessen and Dixon traveled to Oculus’s headquarters, in Irvine, California, where Iribe and Luckey showed off a version of the Rift that is similar to the one that is about to go on sale. You realize, Wow, this is it,” Dixon says. You feel like you’ve teleported.” They oculus rift vr headset began hammering out the terms of a $75 million deal. Andreessen, who is also a Facebook board member, had previously been skeptical of funding a virtual-reality company; now he was so hot for the deal that he suggested Iribe talk to Mark Zuckerberg, as a reference.

When Iribe said, Yeah, it’s pretty much just about gaming, at least for now, Zuckerberg seemed to lose interest. Facebook was not a video-game company and over the years had moved to make games a smaller part of what users saw when they logged on. But a few weeks after the Andreessen investment closed, Iribe wrote Zuckerberg an e-mail suggesting that the Facebook founder see Luckey’s headset for himself.

Iribe met with Zuckerberg for brunch on the patio at Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto home on a Sunday, in March. They ordered pizza, and Zuckerberg made a new offer: more than $2 billion in cash and stock. It was rich, considering that Oculus had not yet released a consumer product. Zuckerberg promised that Oculus would operate independently within Facebook, just as Instagram did and WhatsApp would. There would be games, sure, but eventually much more: news, sports, movies and TV, cat videos—everything. I want to do this, and I want this to be the future of Facebook, long-term,” Zuckerberg said, but Iribe would have to act quickly and promise not to shop the deal.

Oculus, by this point, had a board of directors that included four venture capitalists, one of whom was Andreessen. The board would have to approve the deal. Andreessen hated the idea of selling so quickly, without talking to Facebook’s competitors. Don’t do this! Don’t do this! Don’t do this!” Iribe recalls Andreessen saying during a late-night meeting at his house after Zuckerberg’s initial offer. (In light of his role on Facebook’s board, Andreessen recused himself after Oculus’s founders began negotiations with Zuckerberg in earnest.) But the board approved the deal.oculus rift 360 degree video

Virtual-reality proponents dismiss these fears. I’ve watched more V.R. than most people, and I don’t feel like I have brain damage,” says Chris Milk, a former music-video director whose company produces and distributes short, 360-degree movies watched on a headset. Milk believes that whatever health risks the Rift and its competitors might pose will be vastly outweighed by the opportunities for artistry and empathy. When you let someone try virtual reality for the first time, it’s a transformative experience,” he says.360 degree video camera oculus rift


Oculus Touch Gives You Natural, Hand

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Beyond Toybox, Oculus also announced that they will release their Social SDK 1.0 in Winter 2015. Users will then all have Oculus IDs, user profiles and have the ability to enter into various rooms with friends. For example, you’ll be able to enter into a room and watch Twitch or movies with friends. They are also hoping to ship in-app purchases as well, which is great news for developers looking to make some cash for the Gear VR launch.

VRScript is a fast VR prototyping environment that uses the Scheme language to enable developers to build more rapidly for the Gear VR. Currently, when a developer makes any changes to their Gear VR app, they have to recompile the entire app, before seeing any of the changes. This compile process can take minutes, which slows down the entire development iteration process. It won’t be released for a few months, but when it does, Carmack hopes it motivates more developers to build for VR.

Not once in the entire conference did any of the leaders mention the existence of other platforms or anything around the potential for future cross-platform interactions. All their social features, games, and worlds are for Oculus users only. It’s like the game-console wars all over again. The VR community is one of the most sharing, collaborative communities that I’ve ever experienced, and for Oculus to completely shut off their platform to the other players (Vive, OSVR, Cardboard, etc), is the antithesis of what the community stands for. I hope this move compels the other big players to take a stance in the opposite direction and open their doors to any platform.360 degree video oculus

The new intellectual property may not be completely suitable for the Oculus Rift” and Project Morpheus” since it takes places from a third-person perspective as opposed to the first-person view. The video game is set to come out on May 27 for the PC, PS3, PS4 , Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Wii U version remains without a release date window.oculus rift 360 degree video

GDC’s 2016 State of the Industry Report surveyed 2,000 professional developers who attended the popular annual trade show during the past three years, asking about their current work and interest in various virtual reality and augmented reality technologies (among other things). The virtual reality was by far the most popular VR headset among the surveyed developers, with 19 percent of respondents saying they were currently working on a game for the device. A number of Rift competitors were well behind in a statistical dead heat for second place among active VR developers: Samsung’s GearVR at 8 percent of respondents, Google Cardboard at 7 percent, and HTC Vive and PlayStation VR at 6 percent each.